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No matter what age you are, what country you live in or how the weather permits, there’s a Rollie spark inside of all of us. Inspired by the world, Rollie is a brand connected to the universal love of colour, wonder and fun!
The true scandinavian sneaker.
WODEN sneakers are created by passionated, free-spirited and skillful people, that care for Mother Earth, anatomy, functionality and minimalism – spiced up with the true Scandinavian WODEN DNA.

Where ♥ meets craftmanship.

Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Portugal, where 130 dedicated shoemakers run the factory. For the quality-conscious people, who not only value the distinguished look, but also appreciate ultimate comfort.
True love is
Your soul
Our soles.

Team Beer & Cheese

Birkit Kroon

Prefers wine over beer. Loves cheese. Huge fan of great people. Living life to the fullest.

Koen Rigter

Prefers peanutbutter over cheese. Loves beer. Will never stop trying to live all of his dreams. Dreams on.

Birgit Zwart

Doesn’t drink beer. Eats cheese. Has the greatest love for Fries. And Rollie. And Angulus.

Sheira van Est

Keeps her hands of beer and cheese as much as possible. Is not attracted by wooden shoes. Head over heels with Woden shoes.

Johan van Hasseltweg 30A
1022WV Amsterdam
Koen Rigter.
+31 6 14284542
Birkit Kroon.
+31 6 42571826
Company registration.
VAT number.
NL 852784089 B01

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